Month: January 2023

Is It Really Homebrew?

“Homebrew is a dirty word” :: About 7 “game systems” in play. I’ve played so many. I straight up buy anything pretty, especially minis. Since MoSh is dead easy: MothershipRPG 1e – streamlined play, character sheet, suicide missions in small [ahem elderly] ships Stars Without Number – generators and maps – tons of materials Traveller […]

Mapping Sectors

I used the actual map of stars in our local arm of the Milky Way. When I did this, I used ChyView and 250ly range. The major players on Earth at the time were Democracy, Communism, Catholicism, Islam, with pockets of Fascism. Purple – nominally Empire, Democracy for all Citizens, front: re-explorationBlue – strongly Empire, […]

What Scenario I’m Writing

Visit Venus. Get your stolen parts back. Brutalist Faction (unlawful cyborg modders) Have intercepted your laser turret assemblies (you traded for one and the other is bonus). Mothership is an RPG system that simplifies character creation and emphasizes skills. It’s on sale for zero. It’s almost the opposite of Traveller – chaotic, light-weight, d100 system. […]

The Bender Rule

Robots. I restrict android players to experienced-only, as these can be a real problem. We’ve been on hiatus since my last Andro player [‘Bender’] started torturing/killing everyone even if we stopped the game for a chat before resuming. Waving cigars, cans of beer, bullying – Bender from Futurama. I rolled the Panic table since he […]

Hyperspace Drives

I use the actual map of stars in our local arm of the Milky Way. We have “Warp Drive” Warships (jumps that caused new filaments and sparked a war); “Folding” Guildships (a mythos-driven low-time dilation jump); “Stringing” Ringships (grasping onto existing sub-space filaments). So I get to use a calculator each time they want to […]

Coyote & Crow Unboxing

This is an absolute scorcher of an RPG. Very hefty. The game background is Native-American Mystic-Punk. I really want to support this product. In a cataclysmic timeline change, the main culture became entirely alternate from “history as taught”. It’s good to see a new, original entry to the pillars of fantasy.

RPG Philosophy

Mothership just published [November ’22] a new Work In Progress ruleset referred to as “First Edition” that I am working from. It doesn’t even have page numbers yet. I don’t “know it” word for word like I did ADnD in 1983. What I know is thousands of hours of science fiction movies and several game […]

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