Teaching Role Playing?

For me, probably not. I have met a tonne of DMs and some go on forever and ever, and some just lay out minis and dump us into a JumpScare one-shot.

Some experience ‘acting’ a part is needed. I am aiming for a Guardians of the Galaxy feel in a grimdark [AlienII/WH40K] setting. The Empire has nice ships and denys the existence of aliens – you know better. You’ve seen shit. You guys have to keep piecing your ship back together, slapping on extra thrusters, digging in the trash, borrowing a million here or there… The only reliable part is the Westmarch Cryogenic.

I am not good at teaching RPG. I am perfectly happy to play with players experienced in “cooperative decision making” and, for the most part, they takes votes or consensus about their general course [that’s why the ship works for Pizza Hut at this point]. I paint the backgrounds and actions of others (npcs and NPCs) then I find pictures and make out a ‘dungeon’ [point of conflict] and a trick/trap. A house rule would be: leave the dice alone unless ‘shit gets real’. There’s a difference between changing an air-tank and doing it under fire.

Absolute beginners haven’t fared very well and I think that this is my fault as I am not a good teacher and tend to not repeat information. I try to help this by taking copious notes in Roll20. My background is a degree in map printing, printed circuit board, and IT systems management. My overall gamer background is that I love to paint DnD, CoC, WH40 miniatures and made several diorama for play. I am learning how to build visuals.

I buy collections online like these

My lifestyle is retired diabetic pipe-smoking old hermit with memory problems you might find around motorcyclists and game stores.

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