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There are many ways

There have been many ways to play ‘the game’. Not just different settings and systems. Some flat-out sucked [5e,PF,VtM]. Some were beautiful, but unplayable as long-term. The longest was Traveller Classic Black Empire Strikes Back – 2yr I’m not saying all have been bad. Online has differed greatly from the FLGS. And IRL suffered during […]

How I still use a little Starjammer

As technology improved, travel time between worlds dropped from months and years to days, and the optimal routes between planets became crowded with spacecraft. Yet even in this new age of space flight, voyages beyond the solar system remained rare; traveling to even the nearest star at conventional speeds would take generations. A few starships […]

Forcing Labor

Plot – 4000-5200ad the major church allowed and encouraged the ‘death’ of all ‘unsafe’ AI. Plot – 4200-4667 after a Dark Age, robotics replace forced hard labors 3LS. Plot – 4400ad after reaching orbital assets, androids are allowed to enter service 3LS. Plot Fun (it’s not always about race, it’s about control of production):Copypasta favorite […]

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