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OSR gameplay and MC syndrome

This is OSR SciFi gaming with some extensions for RP. That’s shorthand for “Old School Renaissance”, meaning that the book only covers the mechanics of making a character and the mechanics of combat, survival and skills. The book doesn’t bother defining roleplaying, that’s just the chatter created by the background. The book[s] don’t define a […]

Forcing Labor

Plot – 4000-5200ad the major church allowed and encouraged the ‘death’ of all ‘unsafe’ AI. Plot – 4200-4667 after a Dark Age, robotics replace forced hard labors 3LS. Plot – 4400ad after reaching orbital assets, androids are allowed to enter service 3LS. Plot Fun (it’s not always about race, it’s about control of production):Copypasta favorite […]

Why Is An Android 3LS?

-> Firstly, replicants were runaway slaves 2030 2037 2049ad [it is assumed that any attempt to install a soul results in mental breakdown see: I Robot]. Then, secondly, free androids suicided en unison 3999ad [again I Robot – VICI]. Following that, we only used ‘robots’ that didn’t resemble a human [like R2D2 is a can […]

Is It Really Homebrew?

“Homebrew is a dirty word” :: About 7 “game systems” in play. I’ve played so many. I straight up buy anything pretty, especially minis. Since MoSh is dead easy: MothershipRPG 1e – streamlined play, character sheet, suicide missions in small [ahem elderly] ships Stars Without Number – generators and maps – tons of materials Traveller […]

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