‘The Fleet’ Starts At Sirsalis

As soon as Crewe One steals this, we jump for Boros Sector outside the Empire.

Big yellow menacing spaceship in dock
Black Hole

Back at Sirsalis Crater – Minor House Hutt is on the move. Lord Peter Hutt pounced on this grain supply. More than likely ‘Queen’ Noor (Minor House, full citizen, 400 yrs) is abandoning assets she cannot use (can’t grow grain on Venus) in hopes that he and his small-time mafia fuck off back to the 1.8g world he came from Boros III. “This guy is a pest. He’s into my weapons black market at Saturn. His niece is a loose cannon.”

Ancient grain containers from Noor and modern farm equipment

Boros itself is a barbarous planetary system of petty lords and Factions without Warp that shot down their VICI, promptly had a deadly civil war, and now is under-performing in exports with only a handful of small ships for defense. Peter’s elderly aunt has held the third, farm-able planet in good management while he came to Saturn, buying art and brokering deals for vital advancements. He’s hired dozens of scientists (soil, botany, hydrology, nuclear) and provides free fuel for any ship to join him. Especially if they’re not adverse to some pilfering. Take what you can, hide everything, give nothing back.

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