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Internet Gaming

Personally, I just haven’t had a good experience playing online at all. That’s on me, I’m playing a boardgame with maps, while most of the others are ‘acting’ roles and have forgotten to move on the board altogether. As a DM, I try to offer both stage-like moments to accept the game-hook, transitional moments for […]

Looking For Title

[SPOILER] Cleaning up and looking for a title: “A Time For Ice” “Icy Errand”“Ship” “Pyramid cap” “Mummy” “Spacegirl” “Fungi” “Race” “Glacier”? -I am working on a scenario design that I thought of [’20 during convalescence]: mystery based on a glacier, The team must a) stop a madman; b) secure the macguffin; c) collect items from […]

There are many ways

There have been many ways to play ‘the game’. Not just different settings and systems. Some flat-out sucked [5e,PF,VtM]. Some were beautiful, but unplayable as long-term. The longest was Traveller Classic Black Empire Strikes Back – 2yr I’m not saying all have been bad. Online has differed greatly from the FLGS. And IRL suffered during […]

OSR gameplay and MC syndrome

This is OSR SciFi gaming with some extensions for RP. That’s shorthand for “Old School Renaissance”, meaning that the book only covers the mechanics of making a character and the mechanics of combat, survival and skills. The book doesn’t bother defining roleplaying, that’s just the chatter created by the background. The book[s] don’t define a […]

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