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Internet Gaming

Personally, I just haven’t had a good experience playing online at all. That’s on me, I’m playing a boardgame with maps, while most of the others are ‘acting’ roles and have forgotten to move on the board altogether. As a DM, I try to offer both stage-like moments to accept the game-hook, transitional moments for […]

Looking For Title

[SPOILER] Cleaning up and looking for a title: “A Time For Ice” “Icy Errand”“Ship” “Pyramid cap” “Mummy” “Spacegirl” “Fungi” “Race” “Glacier”? -I am working on a scenario design that I thought of [’20 during convalescence]: mystery based on a glacier, The team must a) stop a madman; b) secure the macguffin; c) collect items from […]

There are many ways

There have been many ways to play ‘the game’. Not just different settings and systems. Some flat-out sucked [5e,PF,VtM]. Some were beautiful, but unplayable as long-term. The longest was Traveller Classic Black Empire Strikes Back – 2yr I’m not saying all have been bad. Online has differed greatly from the FLGS. And IRL suffered during […]

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