All these Internet people [an annual retrospective]:

Owen invited me to a game, ran session 0, cancelled. Ghosted. Nicole joined and never spoke. Ghosted. Edward ghosted. Amber never ran a game. Ghosted. Dave was no drugs in a druggie game and refused all traps and dungeons. King rolled a character and no showed. Ghosted. Bob was I do drugs, I drug you, murderhobo Bender. Poor Don, Bob invited him and then killed him [but we kept the drone, stealth device, and rocket boosters]. Ghosted. Oli wanted to be an ex-cop, Ghosted. Matthew22 demanded a lesbian racist dressed as a man after rolling up a male professor. Paul drifted in and out – only showed for violence showed no interest in rules. Ghosted. Clay everyone bullied to cater to his weird obsession with androids. Fearnow never returned a single email over a years time. Ghost. Jim Bennett applied to join with references and insulted me instead. Sean fucked up and his player won’t leave Denny’s because he doesn’t want to follow his rumor. Ghosted.

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