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THC and the delusions of the GOP

HEADLINE: “Jeff Sessions Puts Death Penalty In Play” . You can’t “put the death penalty in play”. It’s not a puck, dropped onto the table for morons to bat around in a life-and-death game of air-hockey. . You can stupidly forget that this isn’t a theocracy of morons, but a democracy in which the DP […]

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The Edit: Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning Once you are confident that your characters, plot, structure, and pacing are working, you can dig into the smaller details. At this stage, make sure that your timeline works and your setting hangs together. Create calendars and maps to keep track of when things happen and where people go. Then polish, polish, polish.

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Look – up in the sky!

It’s a never-ending book… this month is simply focused on a line-by line reading, note-taking, redacting, revising to match errors, and tracking invented truths It’s 82 chapters of 315,000 words of saga broken down into consumable bites both 80,000 words in length and sub-sected about 2000 per chapter (164,000 [2 units]). I’d like to come […]

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How far does light travel in a year?

How far does light travel in a year? (How far is a light year?) 10 trillion kilometers (6 trillion miles) hmmm

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Why does my brain lock-up?

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How many protagonists does it take..?

There are no new stories, only new ways of telling the same stories. All human stories are about the same things: love, betrayal, greed, acceptance, etc. These are emotional touch-points that imbue story immortality. An ‘Epic’ story has this for multiple POV with an over-arching ‘Grande Plot’.

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Protagonists need a goal, a mountain to cross

Protagonists need a goal, a mountain to cross. (KL) We’re biologically designed to be egocentric. Thus survival is not a problem, it’s a given. It’s also why this conversation makes my left eye twitch: KL: So what is your protagonist’s goal? Writer: To survive. KL: *face palm* Here’s the deal. We ALL have a goal […]

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How much is too much mood-surfing?

If it took me 30 days to recover from two weeks of depression, what does it take to recover from a massive manic and psychotic episode? It can take a year for some people. No one wants to hear this, but I believe we need to be honest with ourselves in order to survive bipolar […]

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Kristen Lamb’s post

Do Some People Lack the Talent to be Authors?

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Free chapter preview: Chapter One, 2nd draft

A1 The air was wrong – lighter with aromas of fire, food, stale sweat and metal instead of home. A home deep under miles of igneous rock that did not smell of sweat and bleach. Home smelled of gasses, ventilator grease and old rubber; the sensation of wrongness gnawed at the edge of dreams where […]

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