The Children’s Story is a short story written by James Clavell in 1963 and published in 1981.

This story illustrates perfectly what I have been feeling all along. That our
educational system has failed miserably in that it teaches only outcomes
and not methods. Teaching to a test is the worst form of dis-education
possible. It is based only on the students’ ability to parrot the
results back, not the ability to reason for themselves.

Advertising has long exceeded its boundaries of the 30 or 60 seconds
allotted to them. The product is now embedded in the show being
supported. These shows now celebrate the awkward and embarrassing
qualities in odd situations giving rise to thoughts they control, they
support and they use to push us into the cattle chute.

Words cannot describe the level of offense being visited upon us daily
nor my sense of outrage. I love my country, fear my government and hate
the dystopia into which we have descended with a passion that exceeds
the fires of a thousand suns exploding.