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Protagonists need a goal, a mountain to cross

Protagonists need a goal, a mountain to cross. (KL) We’re biologically designed to be egocentric. Thus survival is not a problem, it’s a given. It’s also why this conversation makes my left eye twitch: KL: So what is your protagonist’s goal? Writer: To survive. KL: *face palm* Here’s the deal. We ALL have a goal […]

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My life as sung by the Four Seasons

I did not know how many of the songs of my youth were Four Seasons. (Many lineups sometimes Frankie Valli and the FS, etc) I recently saw “Jersey Boys” and it’s a tear-jerker for me. I think mostly because these were the songs that carried me through my disillusionment and into a more somewhat depressed […]

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Science Fiction Demonizes ‘Our’ Opponents

Science Fiction Demonizes ‘Our’ Opponents I’d like to stray from the trend in most science fiction that I feel is over played and possibly immoral.  The ‘other’ or the ‘enemy’ has been portrayed as faceless automatons that ‘we’ can indiscriminately blast to smithereens. In I, Robot there are the hoards of robots, red ones target […]

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Movie review – This Means War

Triple score! A romantic comedy that has action and isn’t that sappy saccharine crap I’m allergic to! You know the basic premise, two spies like the same girl, neither is ‘in love’ (at the beginning) but they both do their best to impress her while cock-blocking the other one. Sounds silly, right? It is a […]

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Starting a Plot

How do I start a plot? Choose between Running Clock (time til failure), Running Out of Choices (protagonist loses leads or places to go a bit at a time), or both. I tend to like both. If there is an imminent threat closing in on the protagonist that will arrive/impact at a certain time and […]

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I viewed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Monday. Having read the books and viewed the European versions of the film(s), I found myself very pleased that an enormous amount of content was included. You have to be a pretty astute movie-goer to catch all of it. The seasons changing (watch the weather), the […]

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