Call of Cthulhu 1920AD

What do I, a character, need to know to survive and thrive in Ye Olde Horrors RPG?

The horrible, real history of the world is sad enough.

In the total, real, history of our world the arc of mankind has been one of ever greater, lasting social constructs interspersed with periods of barbaric disagreement. For instance, at this writing, the construct “Russia” has physically moved into space considered “Ukraine” causing a great deal of tension. I can find repetitions of this theme stretching back millennia. This type of aggressive paradigm manipulation, considered unlawful by many, is part of the human imperative to build. Just build – highways, trade routes, kingdoms, bureaucracy, inventions. This is going to keep coming up as long as someone wants to be King. Sadly, that amounts to 67% of us thinking we could do better.

I’m escaping this current, dystopian reality when I game. Mostly this will be drawn from tales of my father Jed, mother, Gin, grandfather Henry [Hank], and grandmother Emily [Emmy]. They were patriotic, spiritual, magnanimous – part of post-war America, the Exuberance, and then the Depression. Everyone in my family ‘served’. Mine was the first generation not drafted. I did not serve, I worked for them in civilian roles.

Wars. The “war machinery” of this world will sadly always grind forward. It is upon us, as equal humans, to rise above the impulse to both engage in and profit from the suffering of others.

Rose colored glasses – So I look back at a time that was less catastrophic, where things seem calm on the surface. Oddly, post WWI, Russia is still engaged in trying to take Ukraine. Unknown things are stirring [mythos, occult, egyptian-pharoah-ism, financial-fad-ism, re-incarnation, psychics, psychology, spreading abolitionism, reactive fascism, astrology comet-ism, sea disappearances]. I’m reflecting those things as best I can.