I find character names seem to mature, ripen or even evolve as I get a story happening… Gu’un (Goo-en), Becca (Bek-ah), Rus (Rustt), Jian (Jee-on), Liam (Lee-am), JJ (Jay Jay Jeremathy)

  1. (Gu’un) Bad Guy Gun Goons – control freak – Blind To Every Eye He Meets
  2. Good Guy of three minds about everything
    1. (5) (Jian/Teller2) Evil by nature – thinks he’s the hero – He’s A Juke Box Hero With Stars In His Eyes
    2. (4) (Liam/JJ) Evil by error – secretly afraid to succeed emotional – Black Is All I Feel, So This Is How It Feels To Be Free
    3. (1) (Rus) Love by default – afraid to feel/unreal – Promises In The Dark
  3. Rebecca – Gurl Of His Dreams – Beta – Bett – You Better You Better You Bet You Better Bet Your Life