Falling slowly like dew
Or a sold wall of fog

Sometimes it jumps you,
Just as you stretch and wake

The sun and stars disappear,
Feel it coming black as night

There is no hope for a warning,
No radar of clouds forming

The light fades oh so quickly,
From your eyes, from your face

Your soul is torn to shreds,
No God would ever take you

The words of your friends,
Echo in the deepening fear

Your body becomes leaden,
A painful empty vessel

Depression asks no permission,
Hijacking chemistry – brain and body

Full of uncertain thoughts,
Doubt, guilt and fear

Tears fall – drips of fire and ice,
Will they take me away?

Is it this time too far?
For me to come back?

Is this the new me?
Is this the new normal?

I hear them whisper,
Out in the hall

They’re coming…