Shitty degrees from shitty colleges

Reasons why I don’t try to run my own business (apart from the bipolar messing it all up):
Yep – I’m too racist to hire an ebonix speaker – speak English or fuck off.
Same idea for specific college majors – I would not hire them:
Women’s studies
LGBT studies
Black studies
Hispanic studies
Comparative Religion
Gaming Management
Ethnic Studies
Theology & Religious Vocations
Islamic Studies
Social Work
Child and Family Studies
Comedic Art
I wouldn’t hire them because they will make everything I sell more expensive without adding any value to the business. Here is a story that has gone around at least once:
Before you react to the story, please think about how asinine it is to waste company time/money running around writing and signing petitions. They’re supposed to be working and getting work experience… Here’s your experience. 1 – you’re NOT an employee, 2 – only employees question HR regs, 3 – your intro and training to the company stated you would wear shoes, not that you could challenge the authority of the people that sign your checks.
What he learned in school was to be a little bitch all the time, petitioning, protesting, prevaricating – – college taught you how to be a problem employee. He should count himself lucky that he wasn’t fired from a real job that he has to explain to every potential employer.
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  1. tradeblanketcom says:

    A degree in….. drum roll
    What you study: Bagpiping, “a program of study where a person can get a complete grounding in music as well as specific instruction on the instrument.”
    Where you can get the degree: Carnegie Mellon University
    Example courses: Studio, Theory, History
    Job prospects: A bagpiper or teaching the bagpipes
    Truly a perfect ouroboros of education.

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